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  • photographic studio mandana rostami

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photographic studio and Filming Mandana Rostami

Bridal photographic studio

Mandana Rustami tries to meet whatever you expect from a bridal studio, Mandana Rustami will send the photographer to your office with the complete equipment of a bridal studio to take pictures with good gestures.

child photographic studio

With the use of experienced and knowledgeable personnel, the Photography Studio of Mandana Rustami is able to take the child’s photography with new ideas wherever you want, with specialized and advanced equipment.

Baby photographic studio

Mandana Rustami, with the best tools of the day and enjoying the knowledge of the day and the experience of years of continuous activity in the field of photography of newborns, is trying to take a newborn baby you are a lifelong and professional photographer.

Industrial and advertising photography

Mandana Rustami’s team is professional and professional in advertising and photography for brands, and helps you get what you expect from an advertising studio.

My name is Mandana Rostami, I am a photographer

The photojournalist and film studio, with the use of experienced and educated personnel, is trying to establish a good work-life-style, the motto “A good picture is alive forever” and immortalize the memories of the dear studio customers.

Photography and film studios Mandana Rostami are working in parallel fields in photography and specialty photography, including:

Bridal Photography and Film
Industrial and advertising photography
Baby photography
Portrait and artistic photography
Photography and film festivals and congresses
Each of the flides is working with specialist groups.
The studio strives to use the knowledge of the day in the world of photography and the film of eternal work.

Studio services

Madonna Rustami’s photography studio with the latest lighting and photography equipment will provide you with unique and artistic work.

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